At first I thought it was cheating.  The purist would take fats and oils, add lye and stir and stir until saponification was reached.  Add colour and fragrance, butters and exfoliants and wait 5-8 weeks for it to mature.  I reconsidered.   The sensible person would use this natural base soap and still produce a handmade product that they could put their name to and be sure of the ingredients.  With far less effort.

Melt’n Pour Soap – it’s the busy person’s way to go.

This quality glycerine soap is made the old fashioned way and adjusted for crafters’ use.  Our  New Zealand importers spent many hours searching the planet to find the most natural base soap available.

Your Kit contains :


200g Low Sweat Glycerine Soap Base

10 mls Lavender Essential Oil

Purple Soap Dye

Dried Lavender Flower

Soap Molds x 4

Please select “up to 3 kg” for shipping option.

Lavender Soap Making Kit