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Make your very own scented soy melts and tealights and always have them on hand. This kit contains a total of 28 molds and reusable containers and enough wax to fill them all. 

Your Kit Contains :
Wax : Premium Soy Wax GW464 x 500g 
Polycarb Tealight cups x 10
Tealight wicks x 10
Polycarbonate Spa Cups x 2 with wicks 
Clam Shell Mold x 1
Set of 10 Novel Silicone Melt Molds 
Fragrance x 30mls
Candle Colour Chip


We only use the best quality fragrances, 100% essential oils, and our soy wax comes from a sustainable source, is completely renewable, contains no GMO material or unnatural additives, and is Kosher certified.


Soy wax candles and melts are eco-friendly, burn cleanly leaving no residual soot, are non-toxic, melt at a very low temperature (40-45oC) therefore won’t burn your skin and is easily cleaned up in hot, soapy water. 


Temperature is very important when making a quality candle so if you don’t already have a candy thermometer in your kitchen you can add one to your kit.

Melts & Tealights Soy Candle Making Kit

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