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This Diffuser Base Oil specifically formulated to provide maximum scent dispersion when mixed with candle fragrances. 

The oil is DPG and alcohol free and is VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) and CARB compliant (Californian Air Resource Board).



Mix this diffuser base oil with our fragrances and use in Reed Diffusers, Car Diffusers and Diffuser Flowers.

For reed diffusers we recommend a mixture of between a ratio of 30/70 fragrance/oil although you can go up to 50/50 depending on the fragrance oil.  Testing is important as it depends on the fragrance oil used to get the level of scent you would like.


Mix and flip the reed sticks once a week.


Your diffusers should last for approximately 3 months depending on your ratio and quantity of reeds used.



Reed diffuser base oil can damage painted surfaces. If spilled on painted surfaces clean with water immediately.


Diffuser Base Oil

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