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This commercial grade plain palm wax is suitable for blending with soy or use it on its own to make a scented container candle or small pillar candle.


It is sourced from RSPO certified suppliers to ensure our support for the the environment.



Manufacturer: UniWax

RSPO Certified: Yes

Uses: Container candles, Votives, Small pillars

Fragrance Load: 10% – 12%

Fragrance Temp: 75 – 80°C

Pour Temp: 90 – 95°C

Melt Point: 60°C

Form: Powder


The pour temperature of this palm wax is higher than the recommended temperature for adding fragrance. Palm wax does need a high pour temperature to achieve the desired effect. It’s also true that fragrances should be added at lower temperatures, closer to the melt point of the wax. This translates to usually around 70-75’C. This is to stop the fragrance boiling off and losing some of its top notes and potency.


To find balance between the fragrance temp and the pour temp you can pour the fragranced wax hot, i.e. at 90C, but do not let it sit at that temperature for long between adding the fragrance and pouring.   Testing is important to get the right balance for your fragrance oil

Palm Wax 5501 500g

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