Our Ultimate Starter Kit has everything you need to make your first candles.  As with all of our kits, our Ultimate Starter Kit is also customisable.


The kit includes:

2 x medium Candela candle jars (you can choose from gloss black or matt white)

2 x 150ml travel tins

500g of Golden Brands GW464 container wax

2 x 30ml Fragrance Oils (you can select from any of our Fragrance Oils)

2 x dye blocks (you can select from any of our dye blocks colours)

4 x CDN16 wicks

4 x wick stickers

2 x wick holders

1 x Candy Thermometer


Ultimate Starter Soy Candle Kit

$49.95 Regular Price
$41.95Sale Price
Colour 2